Project “tune in! Combating drop out”

The project "tune in! Combating drop out" contributes to the fight on the European challenges of high youth unemployment rates and comparatively high drop out rates in initial VET training. The main aim of the project is to transfer and implement approaches, prevention methods and materials into Southern and South-Eastern European countries. These good practice methods were developed by production schools in Austria and Denmark and are based on labour market oriented work-based learning and constructivist attempts for a better development of social and basic skills. 


It transfers successful drop out prevention methods and approaches (i.e. competence and labour market oriented work-based training, development of social and basic skills, self-directed learning approaches and guidance and counselling measures), which have been developed and implemented in the Austrian BFI production schools, to 4 partner countries in Europe. 


Work-based training while producing real products for real customers for the local and regional market is a powerful means of engaging and motivating young people, enhancing and enabling the learning process and preventing drop out and reintegrating young drop outs into formal iVET. Success rates in the production schools for young people entering the labour market, other VET schools and training and further education are high. 


The consortium consists of 7 partners in 6 European countries. BFI OOE (AT), the coordinator, is one of the biggest Austrian VET providers with extensive experience in integrating young people in the labour market (more than 600 trainees / Lehrlinge per year). BFI has established six production schools in Upper Austria in the last 10 years. 


The Association of Danish Production Schools counts 82 member schools (all Danish production schools) with approximately 15000 young participants per year. The association provides legal, pedagogical and political advice, and offer in-service training for teachers and development projects for schools. The association works on establishing joint principles of good practice. These two organisations are responsible for the transfer. IFA (AT) is the internal evaluator. 


FMA from Spain, ISQ from Portugal and ENAIP Veneto from Italy are big and well established (i)VET providers and Ozara from Slovenia focuses its work on training and labour market integration for disadvantaged groups. 


These 4 partners are implementing the transferred products into their national systems and their own organisations. All have very good connections to national, regional and local stakeholders needed for the implementation. 


Evaluation of the projects’ success and dissemination of results are important parts of the project. 


The project: 

  • transfers the successful drop out prevention methods and measures taken from the Austrian and Danish production school approaches to 4 partner countries in Europe. 
  • gathers the adapted methods and materials in a tune in! tool box for European drop out prevention and drop out reintegration together with further materials and methods developed during the projects' lifetime 
  • develops a "combat drop out!" guidance tool for iVET teachers and trainers 
  • develops a European “train the trainer” course for drop out prevention in iVET, which is based on constructivist, learner-centered approaches implemented in production schools 
  • implements the train the trainer on a European scale and in each partner country 
  • implements suitable drop out prevention approaches, curricula and / or methods in the partners’ countries 



Project partners

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