Final Conference in Maribor, Slovenia:

Respect as the key to motivation

24th September, 2015

About 60 participants from different European countries listened to interesting presentations, got to know tune in methods live during an activating lunch brake presented by young people who participated in the implementation process at Enaip Veneto (Italy) and discussed work-based-learning approaches within world café sessions.  Everyone agreed: It was a great day which also offered many possibilities to find new networking partners to go on fighting youth unemployment on European level.

All presentations can be downloaded here: 

Final Conference Presentations
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The highlights of the conference were without any doubt the presentations of young people during the “activating lunch break”. For example the workshop presentation (kitchen and mechanics) by youngsters from Italy. They all had participated in the implementation workshops of „tune in! Combating drop out“ at Enaip Veneto. Their presentations showed how motivating work-based-learning methods can be. With amazing self-confidence and professionalism they explained to the interested audience how to prepare cakes and smoothies in the kitchen workshop and how to succeed in car polishing in the mechanic workshop. Adult participants of the conference became students within this session and the young students appeared as perfect and patient teachers and trainers.

Austrian youngsters from the production school in Graz presented together with interested participants of the conference team building methods like „Fröbelturm“ and „Tangram“. They showed the audience how important it is to work as a team if you want to succeed in solving different problems.

During a “World Café” all participants got the possibility to talk about important views, facts and possibility how to avoid young people dropping out educational and employment systems by using work-based-learning methods. Everyone was highly interested and engaged. New international partners for further projects found each other and started already thinking about how to go on.

Invitation to the final conference in Maribor, Slovenia

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